Store Policy

Customer Care

 Here at Chez Marie Nails every customer will be treated respectfully and promptly without prejudice, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, social or economic status, beliefs, race or ethnicity. Each staff member is required to be sensitive to issues regarding each customer and their needs. Acts of violence, expletives regarding race ,religion or sexual orientation will not be tolerated by anyone  associated with the Chez Marie Nails Brand. Chez Marie Nails does not condone or support such behaviors. Our aim is to service our customers to the best of our abilities in a timely and efficient manner. Products used by Chez Marie Nails are packaged and checked before shipping to maintain our quality. 


Privacy & Safety

No personal information is stored in our databases and every transaction with this company is secured. We use the best and secured web option for financial protection. Each transaction is personal and private, no outside entities have permission to use any information associated with purchases made by or with Chez Marie Nails. If they are any changes made to our policies regarding privacy and safety our customers will be notified immediately. Our company does not require you to give personal information regarding your social security number, date of birth or national registration number. Any inconsistencies with our policies are to be reported immediately.

Wholesale Inquiries

Thinking of becoming a Chez Marie Nails affiliate? send your application to or to learn more. 



Payment Methods


- Offline Payments (available only to local customers in Barbados)